• To identify plants which need attention of agricultural scientists and to collect, maintain and evaluate the identified plants and develop improved varieties.


  • To carry out those basic researches on the chosen crops, which are useful to develop their Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).


  • To develop various quality testing parameters (Physical, chemical and molecular) of raw drugs.


  • To develop various certification parameters for issuing certificates such as Non GMO, GACP, quality planting material, quality parameters, microbial load, pesticide residue and phytotoxin as well as heavy metal free produce.


  • Conservation of MAP in field gene bank and their utilization.


  • To coordinate the research activities of the AICRP centres on Medicinal & Aromatic Plants and Betelvine located in various agro-climatic zones of India.


  • To provide quality planting material and technical know-how generated for further testing and refinement by the centres of the AICRP-MAPB and DMAPR.


  • To develop partnership between this Directorate, with NGOs and farmers’ associations/progressive farmers interested in promoting the use of herbal medicines.