Consultancy for cultivation of medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Contract research:
Contract research on any aspects of Medicinal and Aromatic crops

Contract services:
Contract services such as testing of chemicals/products, soil test, plant analysis etc.

Total number of books available  :    2122

Indian Journals:

1. Journal of Medicinal & Aromatic Plant Sciences
2. Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Abstracts
3. Indian Perfumer
4. Agricultural News
5. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences
6. Indian Horticulture
7. Current Science
8. Resonance
9. Journal of Asian Agri History
10. Journal of Natural Remedies
11. Natural Product Radiance
12. Jornal of Traditional Knowledge
13. Natural Remedies
14. Journal of Agrometeorology
15. Asian Agri History

Foreign Journals:

1. Planta Medica
2. Fitoterapia
3. Review of Aromatic & Medicinal Plants
4. New Scientist
5. Science
6. Crop Science
7. Agricultural Research


1.  IPR
2.  AGRIS (1975-2001)
3.  CAB HORT (1973-3/2004)
i.   Medicinal plants of Tamil Nadu
ii.  Medicinal plants of  Kerala
iii. Medicinal plants of Karnataka
iv. Clinically important plants of ayurveda
v. Britanica
vi. Tree CD (1939-2004)
vii. AGRICOLA(1970-3/2005)
viii. AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS (1972-12/2004)
ix. FOOD & NUTRITION (1975-12/2004)
x. British Pharmacopoeia
xi. TERI (15)
xii. VEE TEE Pictures(4)
xiii. CD on Current Contents
xiv. CD on Horticultural Science
xv. Patent Information Retrieval System on CD ROM upto 4/2012
xvi. Soul 2.0


Occasionally we are conducting the training programs. In future we may have this important programme depending upon our quality & quantity technologies and then work on expertise to impart training.


Medicinal & Aromatic plants references information system

Library information system

Digital photo library of medicinal & aromatic plants

Digital herbarium of medicinal & aromatic plants in India

Networking of herbal gardens for quality planting material supply in India