Services Provided By ICAR-DMAPR

SR No. Services Rate (Rs.) as on 28.04.2016
1 Charges for Hydro distillation of oil in lab. 650 for one or six samples
2 Charges for oil quality testing by G.L.C. 500/sample
3 Charges for oil distillation unit 200/distillation
4 Interaction fee for reference in Library 50/hour
5 IIOLMS (Ver.1.0) CD 250/CD
6 Charges for chemical finger printing (HPTLC) 600/samples or per hour
7 Charges for HPLC analysis of samples 800/samples or per hour
8 Training of students in Bio-tech. Lab. 2500 per month per student
9 Charges for analysis in ploidy analyzer 1200 per sample up to 10 no’s (above 10 no’s @120/sample)
10 Dissertation works in field oriented research works 1000 per month per student
11 GCMS analysis (Total lon Chromatogram) 2500 per sample
12 LC-MS/MS analysis (Total lon Chromatogram) 2000 per sample
13 Instrumental training charge in chemistry laboratory per day 2000 per samples
14 DNA Quantification using Nanodrop 50 per samples
15 Thermo cycler 850 per day
16 Gel documentation system 750 per day
17 Horizontal / Vertical gel Electrophoresis 720 per day