Membership of the Society shall be open to all individuals without any discrimination of race, sex or nationality who have interest on medicinal, aromatic and spice plants or actively engaged in research of the said plants and are committed to the objects of the Society. The Organizations, Corporates or Institutions who have the same interest and the objects that of the Society may become Institutional Member. There shall be three classes of Membership viz., Honorary Patron Membership, Life Membership and Institutional membership.

Honorary Patron Membership: Persons of distinction who have made outstanding contribution to the society through science, the Society as a mark of respect in recognition of their specific contributions invites them as Honorary Patron to the society.

Life Membership: Any individual working or having interest on medicinal and aromatic plants and in the aims and objectives of the society can become the life member.

Institutional Membership: Any Organization, Corporate or Institution having the same interests and the objects of the Society shall be an institutional member by paying the prescribed fees

Membership application shall be made in the prescribed form along with the prescribed fees.

Membership fees shall be a Life Membership fee of Rs. 2000/- or USD $110 (USD $100 for registration and USD $10 for bank charges) in case of Foreign members, or as shall be established by the Executive Committee on an annual basis will be levied from every member of the Society. Annual Membership fees for Institutional Members shall be Rs. 6,000/- or USD $310 (USD $300 for registration and USD $10 for bank charges) in case of Foreign Institutional Members or as shall be established by the Executive Committee on an annual basis and such members will have to pay the annual subscription fee every year to keep their membership active.

Payments to the Society will be by way of cashordraft/cheque in favor of ‘Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Association of India‘ payable at Anand, Gujarat. Payments can also be done online through core banking branches. In the later case, an email should be sent to Secretary, MAPAI ([email protected]) with a cc to Managing Editor, OAJMAP ([email protected]) giving full details about the online transaction

Membership entitles to take part in meetings, discussions of research & educational opportunities related to Medicinal and Aromatic Plants and other related developing and sustaining activities of the Society. A member of the Society has the right to elect and to be elected according to the bylaws of the Society. There shall be no voting rights for Institutional Members and Honorary Patron Members. Any member of the Society has the right to submit suggestions for discussion in the committee on any matter related to the interest of the Society. Members shall have right to inspect the accounts of the Society on appointment with the General Secretary. Members shall have right to forgo his membership after due information in writing to the Executive Committee however, such resignation shall not relieve the resigning member of the obligation to pay any dues or other charges theretofore accrued and unpaid. Members shall pay his subscription within the prescribed time. In all proceedings of the Society, no person shall be entitled to vote or be counted as a member, whose subscription at that time has been in arrears for a period exceeding three months as per section 15 of Act XXI of 1860.

The Society shall maintain a Roll of Members, who have been admitted and paid their subscription, stating their full address as given in the prescribed application for membership. Whenever any member changes his address, he shall notify his new address to the Secretary of the Society, but if he fails to notify the change, his address, as recorded in the Roll of Members, shall be deemed to be his address. Organization, Corporate or Institute members shall inform in writing of the names as their representatives to the President from time to time. When a person is a Member of the Society by virtue of an office held by him, his membership shall terminate when he ceases to hold that office and the vacancy so caused shall be filled by his successor.