Isabgol (Plantago ovata)

Husk is used against constipation, irritation and inflammation of digestive tract
Parts used
Seeds and husk  
Active Ingredients
Protein, polysaccharides, cellulose, pectin,  oil and muscilage 
Ayurvedic preparations
Husk is taken as such or in combination with confectioneries.
  Cultural PracticesClimate
Cool and dry climate during the growing season
Seed rate
4 -7.5 kg / ha, 0.25-2.5 cm depth,  Nov-Dec
GI-1, GI-2, JI-4, HI-5
Manure & Fertilizer
Low response with chemical fertilizer.  However, 25 kg/ha each of N and P2O5 as basal dose and 25 kg/ha N as top dressing at 40 DAS

Crop duration
90-100 days
3 irrigations viz., first at the time of sowing and subsequently at 30 and 70 DAS
Weed control
Pre sowing or pre-emergence application of Isoproturone @ 0.5kg a.i./ha
Pest & Diseases
Downy mildew: Seed treatment with metalaxyl @ 4g/kg seed and 3 sprays of metalaxyl @ 0.2 % at 15 days interval. Aphid: Oxydemeton @ 0.025% fortnightly
Seed: 900-1500 kg/ha, Husk: 225-375 kg/ha