Dr. Ajoy Saha

Dr. Ajoy Saha
Discipline:Agricultural Chemistry Designation: Scientist Since April, 2011
Email: Ajoy.Saha@icar.gov.in Mobile: +91-9898848918

Academic Qualifications

Degree Institute/ University Year of completion Subject(s) with major field
BSc Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya 2006 Agriculture
MSc Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi 2008 Agricultural Chemicals (Development of agrochemicals)
PhD Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi 2012 Agricultural Chmicals (Pesticide residue chemistry)


Employment Record & Experience (Starting from the present position)

Designation Organization Institution & place of posting Period(From-to) Duration(years, months)
Scientist ICAR, New Delhi ICAR-Directorate of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research, Anand, Gujarat, India 03.05.2014 to till date
Scientist ICAR, New Delhi ICAR-DGR 03.09.2011 to 02.05.2014 2 years 9 months
Scientist ICAR, New Delhi ICAR-NAARM 27.04.2011 to 24.08.2011 4 months

Current responsibilities:

  • Valorization of medicinal and aromatic plants waste
  • Development of new low cost adsorbents to decontaminate or treat pesticide/heavy metal/dye contaminated water
  • Development and validation of pesticides/mycotoxin residue analytical methods for food and environmental contaminants

Recent 3 major contributions:

  • A method for simultaneous analysis of herbicide residues in groundnut by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) has been standardized
  • Risk assessment for safety evaluation of agrochemical residues
  • Pesticide application and soil quality: Assessment of effect of pesticide application on soil quality
  • Decontamination of agrochemical residue from water

Recent awards and recognitions:

Current collaborative activities:

Recent most significant publications:

  • Saha A, Banerjee K, Hingmire S, Bhaduri D, Jain NK., Utture S (2015) Simultaneous analysis of herbicides pendimethalin, oxyfluorfen, imazethapyr and quizalofop-p-ethyl by LC–MS/MS and safety evaluation of their harvest time residues in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.). Journal of Food Science and Technology, 52(7), 4001-4014
  • Saha A, Bhaduri D, Pipariya A, Jain NK, Basak BB (2015) Behaviour of pendimethalin and oxyfluorfen in peanut field soil: effects on soil biological and biochemical activities. Chemistry and Ecology, 31(6), 550-566
  • Shabeer TA, Saha A, Gajbhiye VT, Gupta S, Manjaiah KM, Varghese E (2015). Exploitation of Nano-Bentonite, Nano-Halloysite and Organically Modified Nano-Montmorillonite as an Adsorbent and Coagulation Aid for the Removal of Multi-Pesticides from Water: A Sorption Modeling Approach. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution, 226(3), 1-14
  • Shabeer TA, Saha A, Gajbhiye VT, Gupta S, Manjaiah KM, Varghese E (2014) Simultaneous removal of multiple pesticides from water: Effect of organically modified clays as coagulant aid and adsorbent in coagulation–flocculation process. Environmental technology, 35(20), 2619-2627
  • Saha A, Gajbhiye VT, Gupta S, Kumar R, Ghosh RK (2014). Simultaneous Removal of Pesticides from Water by Rice Husk Ash: Batch and Column Studies. Water Environment Research, 86(11), 2176-2185

Other professional activities:

  • Life member of Medicinal and Aromatic Plant Association of India (MAPAI), ICAR-DMAPR, Anand
  • Society of Pesticide Science, India